Drawing a Pinkish Rose with graphite pencils and colored pencils.
Pencil drawing art lesson of Pink Rose flower.
Overview of art lesson on Pink Rose flower.
How to Transfer grid pattern of Pink Rose flower.
How to Transfer grid pattern of Pink Rose flower.

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Rose Pink flower drawing pattern.

Drawing Pinkish Rose from Artist Pattern

A Strathmore Bristol board paper makes a really good drawing surface for penciling your artwork. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and in different series. You can choose from a smooth surface to a vellum one. What ever size you choose is fine but keep in mind that these artist grid drawing patterns can be resized to be smaller or larger and printable versions are designed to be print on a standard sheets of paper.

When formating your working surface with squares of the grid note that using a softer pencil will make the lines of the grid hard to erase. Using a hard pencil like a 4H will make it easier to erase those lines so long as you don't bear down on the pencil. You will find on page five of the grid drawing package the artist outlined image.

I've sized the Bristol drawing board to correspond to the size of my oil painting canvas. I would encourage you to visit an online art tutorial about using a grid from The Paint Basket on "How to Draw with a Grid" and view their video.

I view this as a perception learning and vision training exercise in one. While drawing very lightly in each square the outline image, I'm able to check and re-check the negative space that makes up the flower. While also keeping the monochrome grid sheet nearby note the shadows and contrasting areas. Keep in mind these can be changed if you would like the light source located from a different area on your artwork.

I've scanned my thumbnail sketch and placed the image to the left so that you can see it's rendering. To enable the image to be scanned and viewed I've had to make the outline a little bit darker. I've also erased the grid pattern lines to begin drawing the shadows and values of the flower. I'm placing my light source to the top right for this art composition.

Make Some Artist Copies for Sketching with Graphite and Colored Pencils

Page five of the artist drawing pattern contains the outline of the Rose flower for this art lesson. Print out two copies to practice sketching with. Use one to first shade with graphite pencils to get mind set as to where the shadows and highlights on the flower artwork will be located. Use art page seven that contains the gray scale version to help you see the lights and shadows.

And the second copy use to shade with colored pencils which will give you a better idea as to which artist oil paint colors you may want to use in brushing onto your artist canvas. On this art step you will want to use art page six for reference in choosing and rendering your colors.

Pencil drawing a leaf using artist oultline.

Using Graphite Pencil for Shading Leaves in Your Artwork

Art lesson on pencil shading Pinkish Rose leaf color image.
Art lesson on pencil shading of Pinkish Rose leaf black and white image.

Click on Either the Colored or Black and White Leaf Image to View Larger Image to use with Pencil Art Lesson

You can click on the leaf image to the right and it will open up as an artist photo reference to view as your drawing in this portion of the art lesson. In this way you can move between the art lesson and the artist photo reference at your convenience.

Begin Shading with a Hard Lead Pencil

I've chosen to use a 9H to begin shading in the darker sections of the leaf first on to a sheet of Strathmore Bristol smooth 300 series . Then once I'm happy with the placements of the shadows I will then use a softer lead pencil to make the shaded areas darker.

Setting Up Your Drawing Surface

Using page five from the drawing pattern I've cut away the outer sections from around the grid. Doing this makes it easier in determining where your grid pattern can be placed on your blank drawing surface. Position this art lesson page onto your perferred drawing surface and mark off the grid increments. Remove the art lesson page when you've finished marking each increment and then connect each increment by using a straight edge and drawing fine art lines horizontially and vertically between each increment.

Pencil dawing outline of leaf for art lesson.

Now lightly pencil in the outline of the flower. Your completed outline should look like something similiar to this one to the right. This same art technique can be used to draw your outline onto a canvas. And now onto the shading portion.

Pencil Shading Your Drawing

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