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November 21, 2014
How to transfer Pinkish Rose flower grid pattern.

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Lloyd Thibodeau
1901 Country Apple Court
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Pinkish rose

Transferring grid drawing patternof Pink Rose.
Transferring Pink Rose Flower

You can transfer this image to a graphite drawing surface such as Strathmore Bristol paper or an artist painting canvas to a large wall. Some have used an overhead projection system for placing the outline on a large surface.

From the drawing pattern set you can use either page five, six or seven for the flower image reference. I prefer the pencil outline to begin with. It eliminates thoughts of colors, lights, darks while letting me focus on the structure. It also helps to get the outline correct to create an artwork with a realistic look.

The pinkish rose drawing grid consist of twelve squares that are vertical and thirteen squares that are horizontal. Keep this in mind if your going to enlarge or shrink your image so that you can position it to you liking.

Transferring to Drawing Surface

In setting up my drawing I use Strathmore Bristol smooth 300 series paper to draw what is the first step toward the final oil painting. A forethought is that I like to keep the image drawing size ratio to where it can be adjusted easily to fit the canvas size that I'll be using.

Transferring to Painting Canvas

Size of the painting canvas I used is twenty inches high by twenty four inches wide. Given the extra space I enlarged the squares from the drawing pattern to one and a half inches is size. This creates a Rose drawing image that is eighteen inches wide by thirteen inches high.

A nice idea is to use watercolor drawing pencils when outlining the petals and leaves onto the canvas. You can vary the colors to those which will be similiar to the artist paint colors you will be brushing on.

Suggested Starting Square D1

It is suggested to transfer your Rose outline image from square D1. Draw the outline to each connected square until you have completed the whole outline. If you skip around to different squares your outline may look jagged and you may have to correct the outline by erasing them.

A good place is to start your drawing transfer from square D1.
Overview of Pink Rose art lesson.
Pencil drawing section of Pink Rose art lesson.
Oil painting section of Pink Rose fine art lesson.

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