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November 15, 2014 Artist grid drawing patterns to learn art.
How to Create a Blank Drawing Grid

You can create a grid pattern on just about any flat surface that's vertical or horizontal may it be a drawing pad or wall. The above link takes you to a page that shows the technique on how to draw a grid.

About Draw-N-Paint Artist Grids

Somethings that you will learn from artist drawing pattern art lessons.

Blank Practice Sheet Portrait

Print a drawing practice sheet from this downloadable PDF file.

Draw-N-Paint artist grid drawing puzzle peice.
Image of Daisies use on this grid drawing puzzle.

Grid drawing puzzles are tools to help you learn how to draw. It's a process of drawing the line or lines you see in the square above to the corresponding square on a blank grid sheet. When you have completed drawing each referenced square you should see an image resembling the five daisy image. By drawing this way you can train your artist mind to learn to see shapes, distance between objects and learn to draw negative space.

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