How to Setup Artist Grid Pattern for Pencil Drawing and Artist Oil Painting.

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January 27, 2017

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Setting up Oil Painting Canvas to Accept Your Grid Drawing Image

Consider Size before transferring your drawing grid pattern. First we need to think about the size or the ratio we want your drawn image to be. We can enlarge our artwork image by increasing the size of the grid patterns squares. By decreasing the grid patterns squares size we can make the overall artwork image smaller. An example of this technique of sizing is the bicycle image at different square sizes. Variation in sizes will occur dependening on your artwork area your creating.

Step One - Mark the Outer Edges of Your Drawing Surface or Canvas with Equal Increments

One item to note when beginning to layout your grid pattern is to check the pencil lead grade you're using. If you use a soft lead pencil it will be harder to erase the grid lines later on near the completion of your drawing. Use a hard pencil lead such as a grade of 4H pencil and above but be careful on how much pressure you use when drawing your lines.

Grid drawing patterns from Draw-N-Paint are generally in half inch measured squares. So by using this same unit of measure for your grid layout you can match it in size if you like. On the edges of your drawing surface begin by marking equal half inch measurements. Continue drawing these lined increments on the edges of your drawing surface until all four outer edges of your drawing board or canvas is completely marked.

Step Two - Connect Your Drawn Increments Across the Drawing Surface

The next step is to use a straight edge and connect the increments you have made across the drawing surface from one side to the other side. Remember to use a hard lead pencil that will not leave a dark line on the drawing surface and press lightly when making your lines. This will create a grid pattern across your drawing board for you to begin to transfer the outline image for the art lesson.

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