Using Chalk Paint with Free Art Lesson Patterns.

Updated :
November 17, 2016

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Using drawing patterns on chalk paint items.

Drawing patterns work well with items that are painted with chalk paint. Here is some information on using Chalk Paint.

Mixing Up Chalk Paint

First things first, before using the many drawing patterns on this site, it's necessary to share one way of making chalk paint for creating a base for your craft items. You may want to search the internet for a chalk paint recipe you like.

Plaster of Paris chalk paint recipe is simple to make. It's basic parts are three parts paint to one part Plaster of Paris mix. What's nice about this mix is there's no priming of your piece that's necessary.

Plaster Paris used in mixing for chalk paint.

What's in Plaster of Paris?

This is a good question that helps us understand why you don't need a primer for many of the things that we paint with this product. It's also helpful if your a chemical engineer when your getting into understanding the makeup of this material. Chemical engineer I am not but we'll try to expland as much possible about this stuff.

Lets start with the ingredient Calcuim Sulfate Hemihydrate also known as it is Plaster of Paris from the hemihydrate portion. This material is

Then there's Calcuim Carbonate and from what I've read this material is found throughout the world..

Crystalline Silica.

Caulk Painting a Wooden Bird House

For experimental purposes we're going to use a craft product you can find at almost any retail hobby supply store. And it'll make a really beauty home for a bird looking for a house in your neighborhood.

We'll go through each process step by step so that you'll be able to do this on your own. From coating the birdhouse surface with caulk paint for a base coat, transferring the drawing pattern, mixing the different colors with caulk paint, painting the flower and the final step of waxing the entire birdhouse for protection from the weather. Your sure to enjoy this one.

Caulk painting a bird house with acrylic paints using artist drawing patterns.

First is Getting the Right Mix

Plaster of Paris requires two parts of plaster powder to one part water for making straight plaster. But we're doing a paint mix which is going to change things a tad bit.

Painting the whole outside base coat is easy. There's only about a square foot of surface area so we only need about a cup of chalk paint mixed.

So the easy formula, three parts paint with one part plaster paris powder, suggests we mix three quarters of a cup of paint and one quarter of plaster of paris. Stir this up in a measuring cup and brush it on for a base coat.

Caulk paint mixing cup.

Caulk Paint Measuring Cup

Just about everyone has a measuring cup similiar to this one if not the same. You'll find this measuring cup may come with your 250 fluid ounce laundry detergent bottle. Recycle it for making caulk paint.

A measuring cup like this one is nice because it makes it easy for mixing caulk paint in small amounts. Notice the shadow of the measuring cup image and you will see the cup is marked off in equal increments. When your mixing, fill the cup up to three lines for the paint and then one line for the plaster of paris. Stir well and you've got caulk paint in a small amount for painting in drawing patterns.

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