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January 14, 2018

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Fourth Step : Under Painting Landscape

To help give direction to brushing on of highlights and shadows I like to paint an under layer of the landscape. So before continuing to paint the cloudy sky a quick placement of the contours of the land is needed. This will help me discern where painting of highlights will be located on the hills and fields.

Where's the Sunshine when Painting?

That's a good question to ask before your starting to paint the landscape in. Just below where the painted sun is the beginning of where the lightest lights on the landscape features will be. Colors brushed on will be darkened from this point outward as painting continues with the remaining composition.

You will notice I've painted this area under the sun in lighter hues. Then as you move outward the colors darken some until you reach the bottom of the canvas where the colors become much darker. I like this art technique because it gives an appearance of distance in the art piece. Remember elements you paint towards the background in landscapes are generally lighter in colors because of atmospheric conditions.

Draw Trees in with Pencil

I've seen this art technique used with a charcoal stick. Instead I'm using a number two pencil to draw in where I'd like to paint some trees. Using the rule of thirds principle I've placed one to the right side where it will reach up to the top of the canvas and cross over the sunlight. Some trees are placed around the farm house and barn to bring more interest to this area. A grouping of trees will be on the left side edge of the field and some larger ones on the left side of the canvas to stop the eye from wandering off the painting.

Painting in Trees

Drawing in Foreground Trees with Pencil.

Notice the background trees are in a much lighter color than the trees in the middle of the composition. And the foreground painted trees are even darker. Painting like this give depth to the artwork. Center area where to meadow is was toned down and painted with a second brushing of light green.

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