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January 3, 2015

Sunset Oil Painting

Oil painting clouds with a sunset. They vary in sizes and colors from the horizon line to the top of the canvas.

First Step : Define Your Composition

Second Step : Painting Background Sky Sunlight

Third Step : Painting Clouds

Fourth Step : Painting Background Landscape

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Lloyd Thibodeau
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Third Step : Painting Clouds

Paint smaller clouds nearer horizon line on your canvas.

Clouds Have Different Sizes

Do not paint your clouds all the same size and color if your painting composition is perspective. Sunsets or sunrises are generally perspective. That is the horizon line is the furthest point in your painting.

On the horizon line area your clouds are smaller just as you view them in nature than clouds which are more directly overhead. Keep this in mind when brushing cloud colors onto your canvas. By painting larger clouds in the area away from the horizon line you create a feeling of distance.

Brush on more larger clouds toward top of canvas.

Clouds Give Art Compositions Direction

I have found by painting clouds in a wedge form contributes to a perspective art composition. This is done by painting larger cloud shapes from the outside edges of the canvas to the center of interest. Also by brushing them in selected areas you can use painted clouds as a pointing devise.

Clouds in this artwork are painted from the top corners of the canvas to the glowing sunlit area. Notice near the lines of the arrows in which direction the clouds are painted. The majority of the clouds follow the line direction of the arrows.

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