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January 14, 2018

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Background oil painting sunset golden yellow colors.

2nd Step : Painting Sky Sunlight

Remember Lighting

A thought to keep in mind when completing this painting in that you have to have light colors in order for the darker colors to show. So with the background sky colors begin in lighter hues and then brush on the darker cloud colors.

Begin Painting

Begin brushing in artist color Indian Yellow near the lower third on the horizon line of your canvas. Paint across the full length of the canvas so that you have a reasonable amount for blending. Note that Indian Yellow blended with white makes a warm inviting golden color.

Brighten Sunlight

Where you left off painting on the Indian Yellow on your canvas use a small color amount of Cadmium Yellow Light to brighten the sunlight up a bit. Then above this brush on a color of Titanium White to really lighten the upper two thirds of the canvas. Continue to paint on Titanium White to the top of the canvas so that it is completely covered.

Orange Glow

Blending in a small amount of Alizarin Crimson with the yellow colors you brushed on will create an orange hue. One thought to be careful of is that Alizarin Crimson is a very strong color so paint on only a small amount. Actually, test a mixture of it with some yellow on your palette first and notice the results. Then adjust the mixture to your liking by adding more Alizarin Crimson if you want a more reddish sky or add more yellow colors for a glowing orange sky.

Blue Sky Color

A problem that sometimes happens when painting on blue colors for skies is when blue paints mix with warm yellow colors. Blue and Yellow make green which is not an appealing color unless your painting a stormy scene. Thus the need for brushing on Alizarin Crimson to help keep this from happening. Alizarin Crimson neutralizes or acts as a barrier and creates a lavender type of color instead.

From where the orange glow ends a paint mixture of Ceruleum Blue and white was brushed on to begin the light blue sky hue. Adjust this paint mix to your desired color and continue brushing it to the top of the canvas. When complete a little Manganese Blue is painted on from the top down blending in as you brush down to the orange glow but not into it.

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