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January 12, 2018

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Art lesson on Rose drawing and painting.

Overview Single Rose Free Art Lesson

From a photograph we create a grid drawing pattern of a Single Rose. By using drawing grids we can ensure our later artworks will be proportionally correct. This will also teach us how to draw more realistically. We'll touch on the many negative space areas around the leaves that are curved in form. Learning to see distance between point (A) and point (B) will be emphasized. Then there's perspective to learn because the leaves in this image are at their own individual levels. Oh yes, get your pencils sharpened cause we're gonna have some fun with this one.

Artist Graphite Pencil Section

Leaves, leaves everywhere. In the Graphite Pencil section we take a look at the leaf structure of the Rose plant. Leaves are rounded near the stem and then reach a point as each leaf extends outward. There's a distinct line that runs down the center of each leaf giving us a visual line to fold the leaf in half. Smaller lines or plant veins extend outward from the main vein of the leaf.

In this art lesson we encounter different shadows created on the leaves from the light source shining downward onto the rose plant. Some leaves are in softer shadows than other leaves that are in hard shadows. We'll learn to create different soft tones using such artists tools as Tortillons that come in wide varieties of shapes and sizes.

Artist Colored Pencil Section

Colored Pencil Section explores hues that make up the Single Rose Flower. Our art understanding is increased further before the oil painting process is begun. Colors will be covered that you will want to consider during the oil painting section.

By this time the artist mind has built a good foundation of the art subject's structure and can begin composing with the mind as to what it will look like on the canvas. An artist's confidence is made more sure as we journey to the oil painting.

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