Art history of Move Over Law oil painting in which each State has passed a highway law.

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December 29, 2017

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State Flower Lisiting

1 Alabama : PDF

The Camellia flower was approved in 1959.

Legislation - Alabama Move Over Law

Camellia flower of Alabama art reference..

yyama3270 / 123RF Stock Photo

2 Alaska

The For-Get-Me-Not flower was adopted in 1949. For-Get-Me-Not flowers bloom in colors of blue, pink and white with five petals. With the blue flowers a star burst effect can be noticed around the yellow center .

For Get Me Not

For Get Me Not flower of Alaska art reference..

brm1949 / 123RF Stock Photo

3 Arizona


Indigenous to Arizona the Saguard Catus can grow up to fifty feet and was adopted in 1931.

4 Arkansas

Apple blossoms have five white petals and sometimes have a small touch of light pink at the petals ends. Before the blossom opens up they are more on the pink side than white. Stamens of the flower are golden yellow.

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom flower for Arkansas art reference.

subbotina / 123RF Stock Photo

7 Connecticut : 5094

The Mountain Laurel was adopted in 1907 and has white and pink blossoms.

Mountain Laurel flower of Connecticut art reference.

jpldesigns / 123RF Stock Photo

8 Delaware : Facebook

ThePeach Blossom was adopted in Delaware for her reputation as a peach state with 800,000 peach trees a one time.

Peach Blossom for Delaware art reference.

irisphoto18 / 123RF Stock Photo

9 Florida : Facebook

Adopted in 1909 and when in Florida you will know for sure when fragrance fills the air that it is the Orange Blossom season.

Orange Blossom for Florida art reference.

tntemerson / 123RF Stock Photo

10 Georgia


The Cherokee Rose was adopted in 1916. This flower is waxy white with a golden center. Interesting history behind this flower for the state.

Cherokee Rose for Georgia art reference.

sepavo / 123RF Stock Photo

11 Hawaii

The yellow hibiscus Pua Aloalo is native to Hawaii and was adopted in 1988.

Pua Aloalo flower art reference for Hawaii.

happymay / 123RF Stock Photo

12 Idaho

The Syringa flower was adopted in 1931.

Syringa flower for Idaho art reference.

kongxinzhu / 123RF Stock Photo

13 Illinois

The Purple Violet was adopted in 1908.

Purple Violet flower for Illinois art reference.

digifuture / 123RF Stock Photo

14 Indiana

: Statement

The Peony flower was adopted in 1957. The Zinnia flower was the state flower from 1931 to 1957. Pheony flowers grow in different colors of red, pink or white.

Peony flower for Indiana art reference.

oksanasun / 123RF Stock Photo

15 Iowa

The Wild Prairie Rose was adopted in 1897.

Wild Prairie flower for Iowa art reference.

markusgann / 123RF Stock Photo

16 Kansas : PDF

First considered as a weed the Wild Native Sunflower was later adopted in 1903.

Sunflower Kanasas art reference.

leighannef / 123RF Stock Photo

17 Kentucky : Facebook

The Goldenrod flower was adopted in 1926 after some argumenting with the War Department of that time.

Golden Rod flower of Kentucky art reference.

ca2hill / 123RF Stock Photo

18 Louisiana

The Magnoliia was adopted in 1900 because of it's abundance throughtout the state.

Magnolia flower of Louisiana art reference.

andreyst / 123RF Stock Photo

19 Maine

The White Pine and Tassel was adopted in 1895.

White Pine Tassel for Maine art reference.

ksena32 / 123RF Stock Photo

20 Maryland

The Black Eyed Susan was adopted in 1918.

Black Eyed Susan flower of Maryland art reference.

samodelkin8 / 123RF Stock Photo

21 Massachusetts

The Trailing Arbutus or Mayflower was adopted in 1918.

22 Michigan - Info

In 1897 the Apple Blossom was adopted.

Apple Blossom flower for Michigan art reference.

subbotina / 123RF Stock Photo

23 Minnesota

The Pink and White Lady Slipper flower was adopted in 1902.

24 Mississippi :

The Magnolia flower was adopted in 1952.

Magnolia flower for Mississippi art reference.

Image credit:dbvirago / 123RF Stock Photo

25 Missouri

The Hawthron was adopted in 1923.

26 Montana :

The Bitterroot flower was adopted in 1895.

Bitterroot flower for Montana art reference.

silvanbachmann / 123RF Stock Photo

27 Nebraska : Flyer

The Golden Rod was adopted in 1895. Flowering Goldenrod produces flowers with small yellow rays and also at times produces white or cream colored flowers.

Golden Rod flower of Nebraska art reference.

PapaBear / 123RF Stock Photo

28 Nevada

The Sagebrush was adopted in 1917. Sagebrushes grow small white or yellow flowers and are coarse sliver-green in color.

Sagebrush for Nevada art reference.

tassapon / 123RF Stock Photo

29 New Hampshire

Imported from England the Purple Lilac was adopted in 1919.

Purple Lilac flower for New Hampshire art reference.

usoltseva / 123RF Stock Photo

30 New Jersey

The Violet flower was adopted in 1971. Took some doing with help from garden clubs but the Common Meadow Violet was selected.

Bitterroot flower for Montana art reference.

antonel / 123RF Stock Photo

31 New Mexico

Yucca - Adopted in 1927.

Yucca flower for New Mexico art reference.

biza / 123RF Stock Photo

32 New York

The Rose flower was adopted in 1955. Selected by school children and in any combination of colors that the Rose blossoms in.

Rose flower for New York art reference.

miss_j / 123RF Stock Photo

33 North Carolina

In 1941 the Dogwood was adopted.

American Dogwood of North Carolina artist reference.

turtlehawk12 / 123RF Stock Photo

34 North Dakota

The Wild Prairie Rose was adopted in 1907.

Wild Pairie Rose flower of North Dakota artist reference.

markusgann / 123RF Stock Photo

35 Ohio : on Facebook

The Scarlet Carnation was adopted in 1904.

Scarlet Carnation flower of Ohio artist reference.

belchonock / 123RF Stock Photo

36 Oklahoma : on Facebook

The Oklahoma Rose was adopted in 2004.

Oklahoma Rose artist reference.

whitetag / 123RF Stock Photo

37 Oregon : PDF

The Oregon Grape was adopted in 1899 and is mostly found on the Pacific coast.

Oregon Grape flower for Oregon artist reference.

xlorka / 123RF Stock Photo

38 Pennsylvania : Steer Clear : Berks County Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel flower artist reference for Pennslyvania

mtnangel / 123RF Stock Photo

39 Rhode Island

Violet flower for Rhode Island artist reference.

rayisa / 123RF Stock Photo

40 South Carolina : By - Lance CPL. Bob Beres

South Carolina Yellow Jeesamine flower artist reference.

greatandlittle / 123RF Stock Photo

41 South Dakota

The Pasque flower was adopted in 1903. The Pasque flower is one that is highly toxic and was used by native Americans for medicine.

Pasque flower South Dakota artist reference.

prudek / 123RF Stock Photo

42 Tennessee : Governor's Letter :

Tennessee Iris flower artist reference.

Copyright (c)123RF Stock Photos

43 Texas

The Blue Bonnent flower was adopted in 1901 and amended in 1971 to include "any other variety of bluebonnet not heretofore recorded".

Texas Blue Bonnent flower artist reference.

mjlp4337 / 123RF Stock Photo

44 Utah

The Sego Lily flower was adopted in 1911 and crickets played a part in the Sego Lily's selection.

Sego Lily flower artist reference for Utah.

fredlyfish4 / 123RF Stock Photo

45 Vermont : PDF

The Red Clover was adopted in 1894. A little different than the other flowers is that the Red Clover leaves have a light colored V shaped figure on them.

Red Clover flower artist reference for Vermont.

silvertip21 / 123RF Stock Photo

46 Virginia

American Dogwood for Virginia

kagenmi / 123RF Stock Photo

47 Washington

Coast Rhododendron

Coast Rhododendron art reference for Washington

tab1962 / 123RF Stock Photo

48 West Virginia

The Rhododendron flower was adopted in 1903.

Rhododendron art reference for West Virginia

huadyus / 123RF Stock Photo

49 Wisconsin

Wood Violet

Wood Violet flower art reference for Wisconsin

margo555 / 123RF Stock Photo

50 Wyoming

Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush art reference for Wyoming

tntemerson / 123RF Stock Photo

Artist Contact Information
Lloyd Thibodeau
1901 Country Apple Court
Fountain Inn, SC 29644

Or email :

Oil painting titled Move Over People

Here is an Over View of the Oil Painting "Move Over People"

This artist rendering titled "Move Over" is done in artist oil paints. Thus far it is an artwork that has been for many years in painting.

Here are Some Highway Reasons to Move Over

More than 700 officers lost their lives from 2000 to 2009 because of an automobile or motorcycle crash or from being struck and killed while outside of their patrol vehicles.1 In 2010, there was a significant increase in the number of officers who died in the line of duty (LOD) because of traffic-related causes.

According to LEOKA data, an average of one officer a month was struck and killed for the 17-year period between 1993 and 2009.

NHTSA Study of Motor Vehicle Crashes makes a $871 Billion Economic and Societal Impact on U.S. Citizens

As of 2011 the annual cost of highway crashes was $299.5 billion according to a Read more at : AAA news article.

Move Over People oil painting of highway laws passed to Move Over when approaching emergency vehicles.

"Move Over" Oil Painting is On the Easel

After a long and many periods of illnesses making it difficult to oil paint as an artist, once again the "Move Over People" oil painting artwork is ready to be completed. It was really suprising and nice to come home and see this setup. The wife had cleaned the room out and straightened things out. Setup my easel and painting table. It was a really good booster shot.

Early pencil sketch of Move Over People on canvas

Here is an Early Pencil Sketch of the Artwork

The beginning pencil drawing on canvas which is the size of twenty four inches high by fourty eight inches wide for "Move Over People" painting was time consuming trying to figure out where to place each State flower.

Fifty US States are represented by a flower selected by each State. Drawing each one on the canvas in a size that would be favorable for each flower required much drawing, erasing and redrawing. Then it was a process of re-checking to be sure none where missed many times.

It is a nightmare for an artist is to see a completed artwork and come to a realization that in painting the artwork something was forgotten. It is very hard to go back and brush on a currection and worst if that artwork has been painted with a varnish for protection.

Move Over Painting State Locator Map

Need to Locate Your State? Highway Sign Reference

After much thought about the painting composition I photographed a highway sign to incorporate into the artwork. I placed a grid pattern over the sign image that enabled a pencil outline to be transferred to the canvas. Placement of the sign image was made to the top right side of the canvas.

Placing the sign image here will help give the painting depth from the background silhouettes and sky features that will also give depth to the finished oil painting. Up to this point I hadn't learn of Harmonic Proportions. So this should have been done earlier but after drawing the lines for the Harmonic Proportions on the canvas I found the sign rested on three points at it's location. So this is one area where I will focus on using hues and other artsy techniques to paint interest. A change of the sunlight's direction will help in the shadowy areas for contrast.

I've taken and placed a number within a circle over each flower that represents it's given State. This image can be compared with the State Listing on this page to locate your State.

Links to Resources - Help Us Help Those Who Keep Us Safe


Move Over Awareness

Move Over, America

Move Over Law - Wikipedia

Move Over

The SARAH Move Over Law Tow Truck Safety

Slow Down Move Over

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driver Accidents

Children of Alcoholics: The Effects & Coping with the Stress :

Creating the Composition Scene for Oil Painting

Decided to use flowers from each individual state which passed a Move Over Law was added to the composition in this artwork. First thing was to find a listing of the states and gather artist photo references for each flower and place them into a folder. Below on this page you will also find a listing that I used with it's corresponding flower. Each flower is wonderfully unique with their own way of sizes and colors.

Determining the size of the flowers on the canvas needed some math calculations to give each state's representing flower an equal amount of creative artwork area. The total square inches of the canvas was determined and divided by the total number of States. From this an approximate equal size square of about three inches in height and width was determined that could be used for each flower in the composition. A grid pattern to this scale was then drawn on the canvas and placement was begun of each flower.

Considering where each flower was placed in the composition was determined by it's make up. Flowers that have a characteristic of growing from a branch or vine I located to the far right and far left sides of the canvas. By using this method the composition could be framed.

Additional Art Elements to be Painted In.

Cell Phone (Distracted Driving), Speed Limit Sign, Beer Bottle (Drunk Driving). These are the top reasons for highway deaths. After a number of flowers are completed I will be painting in these three reasons for causes of death in the painting.

5 - California - Poppy

The Poppy flower became adopted in 1903.

Press Release

V C Section 21809 Stationary Emergency Vehicle or Tow Truck

Move Over Coachella Valley

Colorado Columbine flower for Move Over People oil painting artist reference photograph. Artist oil painted Colorado Columbine flower.


6 - Colorado - Columbine

The Columbine flower was adopted in 1899. In 1925 more laws where added to protect the Columbine flower.

Links to Colorado Safety Resources

Senate Bill 17-229 / Colorado Dept Transportation Safety / Colorado Springs Move Over Law / Move Over / Responder / Stan Hilkey -Executive Director, Colorado Department of Public Safety / Colorado DOT

Art Info for Columbine Flower Portion

When researching the Columbine flower I've found it to have up to and possibly more, twenty nine different varieties. I will be painting this Columbine with a bluish color so the main artist colors used for rendering the Columbine flower in this artwork will be, French Ultramarine, Thalo Blue, Crimson Alizarin and Titanim White.

For the gray tones because blue is the dominant color I will need to mix a warm yellow-orange with the compliment color of blue.

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