Artist drawing to oil painting of Lilium lily flower.

Last Update :
August 25, 2017

Lily Lilium Art Subject Videos

Artist Drawing Pattern

Cleaning of Artist Photo Reference Image

Graphite Drawing Rendering

Color Pencil Rendering

Oil Painting

Artist Contact Information
Lloyd Thibodeau
1901 Country Apple Court
Fountain Inn, SC 29644

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Step 1 : Artwork Design

Artist Grid Pattern Setup

The first and now the second of many video to come has been added to YouTube gallery. Cleaning Art Reference Photo which are short videos on preparations done to the photo reference image that will be used for these art lessons. After the cleaning process a grid drawing pattern is made for downloading and for young artists you will enjoy learning to see negative space as an artist does.

This is a stepping stone of training the eye to see distance between edges in your art subjects. After some time with practice you should become more proficient in drawing your artworks.

Artist Canvas Setup

The canvas that I'll be painting on will be 18" inches high by 29" inches wide. This a golden ratio canvas size so for my thumb nail sketches I like to use a smaller size that represents that same golden ratio.

This is a Masterpiece Vincent Pro Professional Quality Museum Wrap canvas. It's an acrylic primed with a medium tooth and weight.

I'm doing this on a peice of card stock that is eleven inches by eight and a half. I've measured a line at seven inches across to make it the size of a small golden ration canvas as a thumbnail sketching surface. After which I've divided the composition area up into the rule of thirds that many a well known artists have used.

Artist flower reference photo.

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