Buddy the Humanized Best Friend

Last Update :
November 29, 2016

Artist Contact Information
Lloyd Thibodeau
1901 Country Apple Court
Fountain Inn, SC 29644

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"Buddy the Humanized Best Friend"

Buddy with a loveable personality of his own always knows where to find his little red ball. Millions of people over the world have one or more just like him. Our adorable pets bring us comfort with lasting memories of times of love and joy. This web page is a summary of Buddys' oil painting with his favorite toy.

Gridded image of favorite pet Buddy turned sideways.

Image From Photograph, to Grid, to Canvas

After reviewing many photos of Buddy one was selected that captures his distinctive indivdual qualities. Then the photograph was skewed, cropped, reduced in size and sent to the printer for a artist reference copy in a landscape format. This is placed under a blank grid pattern overlay to transfer to an artist canvas.

You will find in each grid drawing pattern package from Draw-N-Paint a blank grid pattern with roughly half inch square cubes. You can print this blank grid page but instead of white paper use a transparency film sheet designed for your own printer. After printing you can overlay the transparency sheet onto a favorite pet image of your own to be used in an artist rendering.

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