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January 2, 2018

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What Can I Use Gesso Artist Surface Preparation Primer For?

Can be applied to many surfaces to create a white matt surface. Creates a slight tooth which can be sanded for a smoother surface. Can be applied with paint roller, brush or paint pad.

How to clean artist oil painting palette with gesso.

Use Gesso to Clean Artist Oil Painting Palette

I use a white ceramic tile as an artist oil paint palette. By accident I made a discovery while using the paint palette for brushing on Gesso to a canvas.

Not giving any thought that I was using my oil paint palette as a saucer and only thinking about making the canvas ready for the next artwork, I placed a pile of Gesso onto it.

When I had completed covering the canvas with the white milky stuff it was time to rinse off the small remaining amount of Gesso from the paint palette that had dried artist oil paint covering it..

So I held it under the faucet and under running water the ceramic tile to raise the palette and it revealed a once again nice white surface as white as could be. It was to no scrubbing effort at all. It's like the artist oil paint colors had just vanished from the surface.

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