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February 7, 2018

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How can Artist Drawing Patterns Help?

Drawing grid patterns are a tools or method in early stages of learning to draw. Think of them as stepping stones to reach a higher level in your future artworks. Basically drawing patterns are to help one see how to break down an art subject in order to render that art subject more accurately and realistically.

Many in the beginning stages of learning to draw become frustrated and give up on drawing. Artist grid drawing patterns act as a bridge to cross over and find that one can draw with practice. At some point in time a novice artist will learn to see the shapes and patterns of their art subjects with practice. Even a many great artist have used artist grids to make masterful works.

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Oil painting titled Move Over People

How to Help Remind People to Move Over

Saving Lives on the Highways with an Oil Painting

I've been updating the "Move Over People" web page by moving each State flower while fixing the code descriptions to the right column. Also I've added the section "Highway Facts from Other Soucres" to the web page.

This is an oil painting based on Move Over Laws which have been passed in each State in the United States of America. These laws where inacted to saves the lives of those who work on these vast stretches of concrete and asphalt and also all individuals traveling these highways may it be by automoble, truck, bus or other motorized means. Overview of oil painting Updated.

The "Move Over People" oil paintng is based on a simple technique as are the Move Over Laws passed are easy to follow if one is attentive the operation of their motor vehicle in a proper way. Each state is represented by their state flower. The question is can you find your State flower in the "Move Over People" oil painting?

How to Sketch a Lilium Flower in a Landscape

Pencil shading of rocks.

Step 3 - How do I use Graphite Pencil in Drawing Shadows and Highlighting for Lighting

Drawing shadows while using a wooden egg art subject.

How to use a Wooden Egg to Draw Shadows and Highlights

Currently the light source will begin behind the background trees on the right side of the artwork. So all of the art elements will cast a shadow towards the left side of the artwork down to the left hand corner of the canvas. It's good to review the basics of shadows and highlights on simple artist objects so in order to become more fimiliar with drawing these. A good artist element is a simple circular object like a wooden egg. Place a light over it and study how the light cast shadows around it.

Step 4 - How to use Color Pencils for Hue Development

Step 5 - What is Oil Painting on a Golden Rule Canvas?

Art Video's

I've ordered a cellphone stand for recording art video's. Some of these art video's will be published live on Facebook. First thing is to get the bugs worked out of the system so some test runs will be done to tweak them a little.

My Oil Painting of entitled Ocean Walker

Ocean Walker Oil Painting

Sometime ago while out whale watching I happend to snap an image of a bouy from the ships deck. Seems that this would be a making of an interesting oil painting that I'll call "Ocean Walker". There are some changes in the composition's structure but none the less a wonderful painting for those who love the sound of ocean waves and the fragrance of an ocean breeze.

This a seascape painting to take you back memoriable times at the ocean. In your mind feel the movement of the boat as it cross the ocean waters and listen to the seagulls as they fly overhead.

The background land area received some paint brush color adjustments and the buildings where brushed to be more defined. You may notice the ocean water received some highlights of warmer colors.

Armayllis flower artist gird drawing pattern.

Amaryllis Artist Grid Drawing Pattern

I wanted to let you's know the Amaryllis Artist Grid Drawing Pattern is completed and ready for downloading. It's of a Amaryllis flower with rich red petals. This will look really awesome painted on top of a dark background. At the moment it's a question of where would the light source be located.

Overview Art Lesson of Amaryllis Flower

Graphite Pencil Art Lesson Page

I have setup the artist overview page of the Amaryllis flower so that you can follow along. As I draw and oil paint the Amaryllis art subject I will update it's progress and document the many steps to complete this artwork.

There will be a Pencil Section of just graphites, an art section with Colored Pencils and a final section of Artist Oil Paints on canvas. I intend to relate each step of the process along the way.

I really feel this process works well. This is because it gives a view of the artworks foundation early in the beginning by understanding the differences between the shaded and highlighted areas. Along with this is learning of the structure of the Amaryllis flower. Learning more about it helps in completing a more realistic oil painting in the end.

I hope you will return to see the Amaryllis' progress.

Artist drawing patterns. was created to help individuals learn art by beginning with the artist grid drawing method.

Are you forever banned from the beginning of first light never to express and share your artistic thoughts to others with fine art? Be it with colored or graphite pencils or artist paints Anyone who has a desire to learn to draw or to artistically paint can! On Draw-N-Paint you can use art grid drawing patterns as a tool to learn to draw with more accuracy and realism.

Draw-N-Paint was created to share the art knowledge of pencil drawing and oil painting techniques that I've learned over the years. As I learn new art methods I add where I've learned these artist techniques and how I've applied those methods.

Many free artist drawing patterns can be downloaded as a starting point to progress to other levels of art in your learning experience. An artist grid drawing pattern is an artist tool used to help you see perspectives, distances and shapes or see as an artist sees.

Painting Clouds with Color Art Lesson

How to Paint Different Cloud Formations

Painting Clouds With Color

Rendering Distance in Clouds

Painting Clouds with Color Art Lesson

Painting Flowers

Blue Columbine

Button Rose Flower


Draw-N-Paint Artist Tips on Art Related Subjects

Chalk Paint


  • One Way on How to Clean Artist Oil Paint Palette - I use a white ceramic tile as an artist oil paint palette. By accident I made a discovery while using the paint palette while using it as a surface to brush on liquid Gesso to a canvas. You may want to try this easy use.

Golden Ratio is 1.61803398875

From the smallest to the greatest biological systems and inanimate objects you can see this measurement in creation everywhere. It's interesting that we're seeing the Golden Ratio being using in many places of technology today. Take for instance computer screens. When developed in the beginning screens where generally designed as a square. Now most are incorporating the Golden Ratio in their designs.

If your going to be an artist creating drawings and paintings of flowers, trees or anything to do with landscapes, seascapes and so forth, you really need to understand this mathimatical rule that is in every part of what we see. Why? It is to make your artwork creation look more realistic. When you understand this, your artworks will convey a more genuine view that is more appealling.

  • Canvas sizes to use when painting with the Golden Ratio
    7" x 11" - 8" x 13" - 10" x 16" - 12" x 19" - 15" x 24" - 18" x 29" - 21" x 34" - 28" x 45" - 31" x 50"

  • Lilium artwork design of composition started. Lilies will be begin on the left side of the canvas and flow downward rounding over to the right side. It is intended to have the lilies move down a slope to a distance of a mountain side. At that point a sunset will appear on the horizon.

Pencil Drawing Tips on Pinkish Rose Art Lesson

How do you draw and paint a rose with a pattern? Here are some artist tips in an art lesson on using an outline pattern with pencils. What it can do is to help a new one to see their artist subject in a totally different way that can help to over come some of the many problems in beginning to learn to draw.

These free art lesson pages take you through simple steps explaining how to do so. From seeing how to transfer the floral image to your drawing material surface and to oil painting a rose onto an artist canvas.

Start on the artist overview page to get fimiliar with the art concepts and then browse through the pencil information and move on to the oil painting sections. Enjoy, have fun and remember to download your free art drawing pattern to use with this art lesson in your art studies.

How to Draw Art Lessons with Puzzles

Many people have trouble drawing and sometimes give up on their efforts to be an artist. One art method that works to help individuals to move on to being a good artist is to learn how see as some artists see.

Artist drawing grids is one art method that many famous artists have used to see accurately so that their artwork becomes more realistically created. And more enjoyable in creating.

Have you ever heared of terms like distance, white space or negative space? As you draw you will find these terms are used quite often when using this art technique. Some call it drawing from the right side of the brain. That's when you lock out the logical side of the mind. Artist drawing patterns is just one tool to help in doing so.

You should try doing one. Make a grid and give it a try.

Artist Pattern Lessons

Free online art lessons are created starting with grids. Why art grids? Art grids take you back to the basics and let you see proportionally. That is they let you see shapes and sizes or the building blocks in the foundation of an artwork creation.

Art grids work like a bridge in learning. Throughout the years as you grow to adulthood you're taught art up to a certain point during your early school days. Then the art lessons stop and you have to pick it up art on your own. I liken art grids to a bridge or an easy means to get started once again. You will find artist patterns listed on the Art Drawing Grids page of Enjoy them and have fun using them.

What's Draw-N-Paint's Drawing Grid Pattens About?

How to Setup an Artist Grid Drawing Pattern

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